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Ramco Norway AS -

Ramco is committed to delivering exceptional management, inspection and rig ready preparation.

An established leader in the care and maintenance of OCTG and drilling tubulars, Ramco offers a unique and complete suite of services to manage and maintain tubular inventories.

Services can be tailored to client requirements and through experience, modern IT systems and inhouse development of technical solutions.

Rig Ready Preparations


Ramco Norway AS -


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Ramco, in partnership with several operators,

led the way in developing off-site preparation of tubulars into a ready-to-run state.

This service was driven by working with operators in the North Sea where rig space and time is at a premium.

Ramco developed a solution whereby pipe is prepared onshore with running compounds, tally lists and drifts, including full inspection and cleaning, prior to being shipped offshore, saving the operator expensive rig time and money as well as removing a safety critical element from the rig floor.

Ramco now provides this service both within its own strategically located facilities, remotely by use of Pipe Care Units (PCUs) or in conjunction with other service providers, utilising their facilities to offer clients Ramco’s reputation and expertise.

We continue to lead the way in Rig Ready Preparations, providing this service to both operators directly and through 3rd parties such as OCTG manufacturing companies and OCTG suppliers.


Liaising with key service providers, the tubular management was redesigned and led the way in what has become a global standard for offshore operations.

  • Client requests tubulars for a well section, providing details of pipe required, accessories to compliment this pipe and other information as required.
  • Ramco clean, inspect, tally, drift and uniquely identify all joints required by the client, removing storage compound and applying running compound.
  • The pipe is delivered to client ready to run, complete with a full suite of accessories (pup joints, cross overs, cement equipment) and a report including tally lengths and pipe numbers.
  • Client runs pipe direct from delivery, saving on costly time at the rig site preparing pipe to run.
  • Surplus pipe is returned to Ramco where running compound is removed, pipe inspected and returned to inventory.
  • Rig Ready Preparations reduces contingency stock sent to rig site, rig time and handling, rig costs, environmental impact, logistics costs and improves inventory management.


Adopting the ready to run approach reduces the extent of human contact with the pipe and the number of lifts associated with rig handling – one of the highest risks identified during rig site operations. Reduced handling also drives efficiency and savings.


The rig ready approach helps mitigate the need to use detergents to remove storage compound from connections and ensures the material supplied is free from any form of contaminants.


Preparing pipe away from the rig site allows rig personnel to focus on their critical path. Rig time is expensive and at a premium, removing this process from the rig drives efficiency and ultimately saves money.

Blast Cleaning


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Ramco has been providing the industry

with the care and maintenance of OCTG and drilling tubulars since 1977.

Ramco has led the way in the development of blasting OCTG and delivering the highest standards of surface preparation.

Its blasting services include automated grit blasting  and preparation of internal and external surfaces and abrasive cleaning to remove millscale and corrosion prior to final use or application of coatings.

Consistently delivering better results than its competitors, Ramco has been at the forefront of the development of advanced grit blasting technologies.

Service Offering

Ramco is probably best known for its OCTG abrasive blast cleaning services, a service they have been providing and developing for over 40 years.  Utilising its in-house blasting technology, Ramco can provide OCTG blast cleaning services for both OD and ID requirements, achieving SA2 and SA2.1/2 specifications.


Ramco’s blasting technology has been utilised in many locations, primarily within its own in-house purpose built facilities, however Ramco has mobilised the technology through its Pipe Care Units (PCU’s) service and provided blast cleaning services onsite at locations around the world.


Ramco is currently the only company with the ability to blast to ST3 and SA2.1/2 on Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA) and has recently taken its technology into new areas and provided blast cleaning services on line pipe and other tubular products.

Blasting services include

Internal and external surface cleaning – utilising high-performance air compressors and grit medium to remove mill scale and rust from inside and outside the pipe. Ramco ensures the best in class industry standard for surface finish.

Clean surface

Removing external scale and corrosion ensures a clean surface, if not removed this scale and rust can clog and damage running tools and equipment or end up in the well bore.

Remove mill scale

Blasting tubulars achieves a surface finish free of mill scale suitable for final use downhole or for further coating requirements.

No foreign bodies

The removal of mill scale and loose ‘rust’ ensures that no foreign bodies are present when the pipe is run downhole. This scale, if not removed, can fall off and contribute to build up downhole often affecting equipment both on surface and downhole.


Ramco Norway AS -

Ramco has been providing

quality inspection services since 2008

OCTG and oilfield tubulars are vulnerable to forms of corrosion or damage.

Identifying signs og corrosion, traceability issues or other issues before they become a more serious problem ensures smooth operation and reduces financial risks.

Ramco has been providing quality inspection services to the OCTG industry since 2008. With an ongoing commitment to maintaining high standards, ensuring safety and reliability and offering a cost-effective solutions, Ramco’s inspection services include: Visual Thread Inspection (VTI), Electro Magnetic Inspection (EMI), drill pipe inspection, pipe body inspection, OD checks and other NDT inspection on all major connection types and material grades.

Ramco’s highly qualified inspectors are continuously trained in API and proprietary connections, and directly by OCTG manufacturers to meet the highest standard offshore and onshore.

Prime condition

Well carried out pipe inspection ensures OCTG is kept in prime condition and does not incur needles expense if allowed to weather or corrode.

Free of corrosion

Inspection by qualified personnel ensures that OCTG is kept and delivered operational condition, free of any flaws, defects or corrosion that may cause failures when used.

Quality plans

Our QA Plans are tailor made to meet our client’s requirement and Governing documents. Close cooperation with Connection Design Owners to ensure up to date Inspection criterias.

Inventory Management Services

Ramco Norway AS -


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Ramco provides management of tubulars

Maintenance programmes, inventories, and logistics.

Ramco provides management of the tubulars, tubular maintenance programmes, inventories and logistics. Their team of highly trained professionals use its bespoke SCM and asset management system that improves control and maximises efficiency for a seamless end-to-end supply chain operation. And ensures all tubular goods can be tracked while being stored in its high-capacity facilities.

Mill Site and Logistics Services

Ramco offers a full service of QA/QC, 3rd part monitoring and order management once tubulars have been ordered from the mill. This ensures correct order delivery, product quality and reduces potential reject rate after delivery.

Once an order is completed by the mill, Ramco monitor and report on all logistic movements, ensuring correct handling, storage and loading procedures reducing the risk of damage during transit. They will be present during unloading and transport to the pipe yard, ensuring correct handling at all touch points.

Inventory tracking

Adoptions of the latest technology and best working practises ensures that Ramco’s clients OCTG is always well maintained and in prime condition and trough a highly advanced SCM and asset management system. Ramco can provide full inventory tracking for material under their control.

Electronic reporting

Clients benefit from full electronic reporting system which allow them asses to view and query stock position at any time without the need to speak to Ramco or visit their pipe yard, saving them both time and effort while proving peace of mine.


Ramco Norway AS -


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Exceptional customer value

Ramco manages OCTG refurbishment programmes deliver exceptional customer value. Ramco is well placed to manage and execute OCTG refurbishment programmes, whether that be unused pipe that has become weathered or used pipe that has been pulled from and existing well.

Combining our inspection and blast cleaning services, we have managed several one-stop-shop refurbishment programmes. These refurbishment programs are designed to take pipe from a poor condition back to an as-new condition and suitable for use or re-use.

The refurbishment of OCTG

normally utulises various steps, all or some of which may be required:

  • Initial inspection of pipe bodies and general condition followed by an initial report and recommendation back to the client.
  • lnternal and External cleaning or blasting depending on the levels of scales, muds or corrosion to be removed. This includes the cleaning of all connections.
  • Pipe connection and pipe body inspection to identify any flaws, wear, corrosion or other damage that may have occurred.
  • Reporting all findings to client for further instruction.
  • Pipe bodies may undergo NOT inspection such as EMI or UT to ensure remaining wall thickness.
  • Pipe can be sent for connection repairs as required.
  • All pipe passed and fit for use, including after repair is coated, colour coded, and stencilled as per client requirements and returned to inventory.

Economy and environment

By utilising Ramco’s refurbishment services, operators can ensure that they have the best quality and safest tubular equipment. Resulting in better operations, cost saving and reduced environmental impact.